GreenAV Recap

Date Link to Listen Description January 23, 2014 Episode 11: Power Innovation in Australia: A Conversation With Meegan Jones This month we are lucky enough to have Meegan Jones, managing director, operations, Greenshoot Pacific based in Sydney, Australia. Besides listening to her fabulous accent, she shares some really interesting work being performed globally that lends […]

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More Security Talk…

After my August article on the possibilities that exist when Security and AV teams get together, I got a lot of feedback.  Many people were really excited about the possibilities and wanted to know more.  I even got a call from the people at Advance Technology (ATI), who I wrote about, and they are interested […]

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Damning With Faint Praise


From my first days in the industry, I was cautioned against knocking the competition. And, truth to tell, it’s a really bad idea. The CIA would call it blowback, my wife would call it uncouth, and my old-time hippie neighbor Dave would call it bad karma. Whatever, saying nasty things about the competition always, always, […]

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