Two Things: U-Socket…


bboltI often like to make up new words, sayings, animals, ETC…by taking two random things and giving them the name that best suits that creation. A good example of me doing so that many you will instantly recognize (If your on the Twitter) is the Hashtag #AvTweeps. AV (Audio Video) Tweeps (Twitter Peeps) is one that is used daily by more than just audio video enthusiasts, installers, programmers, designers, engineers, manufacturers all in this industry ranging from general AV to Home Automation and more.

My newest idea I like to call project FastBolt or BlueMac because if FastMac’s U-Socket and the BlueBOLT technology from Panamax with a little surge protection were to somehow get shoved into the same packaging, BOOM! A new era of Connected Home products would be on its way into development. Lets take a minute to think about how you could benefit from this idea. First of all we need to talk about the U-Socket:

The U-Socket is a brilliant idea that has been in development for a while and I have been following for some time now. What the U-Socket offers in my opinion (IMO) is an excellent solution in offices (home or standard) to get power for today’s tech driven world. I t comes with two USB 3.0-compliant ports that has 12W of total charging power and are rated at2.4A, which means it will charge a single power-hungry device like an iPad at full speed just fine, if that’s what your into. Beware when plugging in two USB connected devices if time is of the essence, Just Saying.

And now a bit on BlueBolt:

BlueBOLT is Remote Power and Energy Management that provides real-time, cloud-based control and monitoring of the energy used by your electronic devices. Generally speaking the standard home entertainment system and electronic components are far more sophisticated and connected than ever imagined just a few short years ago – and with all these devices connected comes a much greater chance for electronic lockups, freezes, and crashes. More than you would think , the only fix for locked-up devices are to unplug it from the wall and plug it back in ( which is commonly joked about as “ forcing an UN-expected reboot”, don’t let your IT guy fool you with that one ).

This can be a huge inconvenience especially with the amount of time you would have to take to try and trouble shoot where the problem lies depending on the number of connected devices. Enter BlueBOLT, hop online to your BlueBOLT page and create events to , oh, I don’t know, maybe reset your router every once in a while (Because they never need that, so it will just be for fun). Because this is a CLOUD-BASED technology (Which a lot of AV manufacturer’s are adopting, especially in Media Servers ) you can do this from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Add the two together and FastBOLT/BlueMac is born:

Similar to what PS Audio’s Soloist In-Wall Power Conditioner is or some of Panamax’s In-Wall product line is but kicked up a notch b y the Emeril Lagasse of this technology (Nikola Tesla himself or Electric Jesus) BAM! Having these st r ategically placed around the home and or office will do wonders, for things like In-wall iPod/iPad docking stations, smart phones and other tech that the entire world use everyday .

In short I feel that this idea is DoubleAwesome and WayMazing, but what do you think?