Tweeps- The New Cool Kids?

I really wanted my first rAVe blog post to deal directly with my passion- Green AV. But something has been on my mind over the past few weeks.  So, here it is:  Is twitter creating cliques of “cool kids” in the industry?

Many of us are on Twitter; some are even on every day.  We use it for personal, social and professional networking.  I have made valued contacts as a direct or indirect result of being on twitter.  It is useful, fun and addicting.  Did I mention useful?  I have learned so much about our industry, people and new technology from my tweeps.

Twitter users definitely have their own opinions and are not afraid to “speak” them.  It seems that the most opinionated are the most popular (if retweeting is indicative of the level of popularity).  So many of us have found a niche group with which we follow and converse.  But what about the new tweeters? What about those NOT on twitter at all?  I was tweeting the other day and noticed a post from a newbie asking to be accepted into a rather lengthy conversation string.  Are we becoming so comfortable with our twitter followers and tweeps that new-comers are intimidated?  I am not convinced this is the case.   Maybe he was just being polite.  I find that most in our industry are really great people.  Our AV tweeps are always ready to help, support and re-tweet.  Tweet-ups at industry events are becoming common.  I think they are a great idea- a way to meet those with whom we have regular contact but have never actually met.  A new type of connection- real, not virtual (imagine that!).  But are we leaving others out?  Are we creating twitter cliques; like those which we despised (or loved, depending on who you were) in High School?  Are AV tweeps the new cheerleaders or jocks of the industry?

Ok, so it is not as dramatic as the clique of popular kids in high school.  Maybe not even dramatic at all.  Perhaps I am sensitive and I don’t like people to feel left out.  On the other hand, maybe non-tweeps in our industry aren’t feeling left out because they don’t know what they are missing.   I think that twitter is strengthening thebonds within our industry; creating a social and professional outlet to share ideas, products, opinions and weekend plans.  That’s my opinion, what’s yours?  Come on, I know you have one…