tvONE Releases Software, Firmware Update for Coriomaster2 Video Processor

tvone update coriomaster2

tvONE has released a new software and firmware update for its CORIOmaster2 video processor that’s 4K/8K (4K@60Hz 4:4:4) for high-end LED installations, projection edge blending or monitor walls. And, the new updates are aimed at the healthcare, broadcast, esports, live events, education and corporate environments. The biggest updates add a new Quad 4K HDMI Input module (CM2-HDMI-4K-4IN) for CORIOmaster2 (CM2-547), an integrated custom resolution manager with storage for up to 20x custom resolutions and new layout presets.

Additionally, a range of new features have been added for systems that include a 4K streaming media and playback module including a new 8x HD synchronized playback feature, support for MPEG2 video playback, low-latency IP streams from any encoder, storage of details for up to 40x encoders for IP streams, AES decode of encrypted streams and FTP media download capability for each module.

The new Quad HDMI 2.0 input module supports resolutions up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) and four of these modules can be fitted to a single CORIOmaster2 chassis.

The new Custom Resolution Manager is now fully integrated into CORIOgrapher, allowing installers to create and verify custom output resolutions using basic display information for LED setups.

In addition, synchronized playback is now available through the 4K streaming and media input modules. It also allows users to get creative and go beyond 4K resolutions for expansive video belts in broadcast studios, corporate lobbies, and live events to entertain and boost revenues. Users can simultaneously play up to eight reliable, synchronized media clips onto ultra-wide video canvasses.

Additional functionality has been added to presets with a new layout only setting that can reduce the number of presets needed for a configuration by up to 10 times. Instead of creating multiple presets for every source in every window this new option allows significant efficiency boosts to programmers by creating presets where only the overall layout is changed instead.