TvONE Debuts New HDMI Quad Input and Output Modules for CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster Mini, and CORIOmaster Micro at InfoComm 2022

MicrosoftTeams image 282 750x400tvONE debuted at InfoComm 2022 this week new HDMI quad input and quad output modules for CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, and CORIOmaster micro.

The new HDMI quad input (CM-HDMI-4IN) and output modules (CM-HDMI-SC-4OUT) allow users to create video walls, projector edge blends and LED installations, as well as deploy switcher applications. The modules grow the maximum number of inputs on a 4RU CORIOmaster to 56, while the 1RU CORIOmaster mini can achieve up to 16 inputs or 20 outputs.

For 4K output applications, the recently released 4K60 output module (CM-HDMI-4K-SC-2OUT) is compatible with the upcoming M412 firmware release, and will give a smoother, more immersive video experience for up to 14 4K60 outputs. Other new output choices using this module include 4K60 output cloning or dual, independent, 4K30 outputs. The dual 4K30 outputs double the amount of 4K outputs available, allowing connection to up to 28 4K displays in 4RU, while the new cloning feature makes setting up repeat displays, duplicated side screens, and screen recording much simpler and more efficient to use. In conjunction with the upcoming M412 firmware upgrade, the companion CORIOgrapher software has also been upgraded and will be available to demo on the InfoComm show floor. Presets can now be specifically numbered, which makes programming any member of the CORIOmaster family even easier and quicker, while removing automation set-up headaches. This development builds on the recently added layout only and specific window presets, and a cleaner look and feel for CORIOgrapher.