TV Web Apps Redux


Back in October of last year I wrote a blog post entitled Network Broadcast Apps: Very Different Experiences wherein I played compare and contrast between the iPad apps of two of Canada’s major broadcasters, CTV and Global.

Since then, enough has transpired to merit revisiting the subject.

First things first, the good news. Shortly after my last blog post in which I criticized the low-fi/low-res nature of their app CTV updated their CTV Go app to be much smoother and more interactive.

The bad news, they locked it, so that unless you were a Bell subscriber or subscribed to one of their partners you could no longer use the app.

I have to admit, I kind of lost my cool on Twitter about that.

bell tweets

I was especially incensed at the notion of having the programming locked off when the app puts commercials in front of you, with no way to skip them.

Come on, I’m watching your commercials, isn’t that enough?

To their credit, it only took them a month to hash out a deal with Shaw Cable to permit Shaw subscribers to use the CTV Go app, and I have to say that the audio and video quality of the streaming is much improved over the prior iteration.

I have to admit, I’m watching as much TV on my iPad as I do on the big screen downstairs, perhaps more. Is this progress?