TV One-task Adds Routing Switchers

The TV One-task brand added three high performance video/audio routing switchers — the MX-3141PCA, MX-3141CSVA and MX-3141HDA.

The MX-3141PCA switches YPbPr Component HDTV and PC Video as well as Stereo Analog Audio. The MX-3141CSVA switches NTSC or PAL Composite or S-Video plus Stereo Analog Audio while the MX-3141HDA switches YPbPr Component HDTV Video and Analog or Coaxial Digital Stereo Audio. All units have four video and audio inputs and bandwidth greater than 300 MHz.

All units are in a rugged metal case and feature RS-232 control capability. They are shipped with an IR remote control, a rack mount kit plus an AC power adapter. They have a two year parts and labor limited warranty. All three units have a suggested retail price of $295 and are in-stock and ready to ship.

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