Turn Conference Calls Into Podcasts for Free

LiveOffice Corp, which markets on-demand conferencing systems, announced that the company will offer podcast recording services at no charge. LiveOffice Free Conferencing’s new Record & Playback service gives any individual or business a simple way to leverage podcasting as a mainstream marketing, training and relationship management tool.

The company says doing this is easy: by visiting their website and registering for an account, users can instantly conduct and record conference calls. The recorded calls can then be downloaded to a digital music player as a podcast or posted to website pages as streaming audio. The unique web-based service does not require the purchase of special podcasting hardware or software and enables absolutely anyone to listen to the recorded call at any time.

They said that once a call starts, the host enables call recording from the telephone keypad. At its conclusion, the recording is saved in MP3 format and LiveOffice Free Conferencing automatically makes the recorded session available as a download within 60 minutes after the conclusion of the conference call.
Podcasting is entering the corporate market, often in training, in employee communications, etc. This is a really nice

FREE tool for storing and sharing conference calls.

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