TruMedia and Dzine Partner

TruMedia Technologies, a provider of audience measurement and “proactive” advertising (their words), and dZine, a digital signage solution manufacturer entered into a partnership two weeks ago. By integrating TruMedia’s PROM proactive marketing solution with dZine’s digital signage solution, users of the dZine player can now proactively and automatically trigger advertising content change based on the demographic characteristics of the viewing audience.  This seems extremely creative and has the potential to make digital signage more interactive.

The companies said that the combined solution logs viewers in front of the display using a structured feature in the dZine DISplayer. One can choose the data filters to perform targeted marketing in the best way. Statistics, created afterwards, show the relation between the played content and demographic composition of the viewer groups all by timestamp.

The Smart Scheduling system changes the actual playing content depending on the gender and age of the person(s) in front of the display. Conditions can be imposed so the right content is played depending on the number of genders or ages.

This seems like a good partnership and a creative solution.  I am worried that implementation may be complicated, but both are partnering with AV integrators, not IT companies, so that’s a big plus!  Give them a call and consider becoming a dealer.

For more information on dZine, visit here.

For more information on TruMedia, visit here.