TrueConf Showcases AI-Powered Solutions at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2022

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TrueConf, an award-winning video conferencing developer, keeps pace with today’s teleworking trends and is pleased to showcase ground-breaking video communication developments powered by AI at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2022, one of the world’s top AV and systems integration tradeshows. Exhibition guests can witness the ultimate capabilities of TrueConf 8, a self-hosted video conferencing and team messaging app that features smart noise suspension and virtual backgrounds, and TrueConf Room, a PC-based software for meeting rooms that incorporates user auto framing and transforms any space into a professional meeting room, bringing meeting participants into an immersive telepresence atmosphere.

The post-pandemic practice has demonstrated the effectiveness of implementing telecommuting strategy and video communication technologies into daily workflows of both SMBs and large enterprises. But time doesn’t stand still and capabilities of distance collaboration solutions are starting to be boosted with AI to improve user experience and communication quality, as well as meet unique challenges when it comes to staying connected while on the job. For example, hybrid working often implies remote collaboration in NSFW environments: background noise at home or on the go, poorly lit rooms, budget headsets, etc. It is these issues that artificial intelligence algorithms can effectively solve, therefore, TrueConf software advances are progressively enhanced with its cutting-edge capabilities.

TrueConf 8, the all-in-one AI-powered team messenger that provides telecommuters with a configurable chat-centric workspace for secure asynchronous collaboration across multiple devices, initially featured background blurring to maintain personal privacy with regard to user surroundings, then this functionality has been enhanced by the ability to set virtual backgrounds. Moreover, TrueConf is ready to accept requests from clients around the globe for training TrueConf 8 neural network to meet custom field tasks, e. g. accurate background replacement if employees wear masks or hard hats. And smart noise suspension cuts off high and low sound distortions, delivering clear voice sound even in the busiest locations.

In addition, InfoComm SEA 2022 visitors can witness TrueConf Room, a 4K video conferencing software for meeting rooms of any size that supports AI-based conference participants framing and layout compositing from a single video to create a professional and flawless visual experience. This solution also implements exporting both the entire layout and individual video windows via NDI. Exhibition guests can have a live demo of these high-tech TrueConf products designed to supercharge distance teamwork and facilitate video-based communications from any location and device.