TrueConf and Sennheiser Partner to Deliver Multiple Camera Control System for Large Conference Rooms

TrueConf has announced a technology partnership with Sennheiser for a software-based system for large conference rooms that allows automatic speaker tracking for multiple PTZ cameras.

TrueConf and Sennheiser have released TrueConf Weathervane, a multiple camera control solution for conference systems. The joint solution integrates with the Sennheiser ADN conference system controller and points PTZ cameras to the preset positions assigned to microphone consoles.

This joint venture between TrueConf and Sennheiser will expand the application scope of conference systems and AV equipment. An integrated solution to manage multiple cameras eliminates the need to purchase, program and maintain expensive hardware control systems designed for conference equipment automation.

TrueConf Weathervane is available for download on TrueConf website here.

Sennheiser ADN is a hardware solution for medium to large conference rooms that consists of digital discussion central unit and delegate units. Sennheiser features AES encryption to secure personal data and avoid sensitive information leakage. Additionally, Sennheiser delegate units can be integrated with a wide range of gooseneck microphones to meet various purposes.

Here are the details.