TrueConf Recognized as a Key Player in the AMA Research Study

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TrueConf, an award-winning video conferencing developer, has been recognized in the latest overview by AMA Research that evaluates video banking market size, trend, and forecast to 2027. TrueConf Kiosk, a ready-made application for real-time customer care via video conferencing, has been included in this key industry-focused study for the ability to meet the needs of today’s financial sector, which now tends to shift to remote customer service. The report incorporates a comprehensive overview of the products for video banking provided by ten leading vendors that are profiled by type of infrastructure, scope of application in the banking sphere, video communication capabilities and major geographies.

In recent years, technological progress has significantly affected the financial sector contributing to the introduction of advanced tools for remote interaction with customers and workflows digitalization. TrueConf Kiosk enables bank customers to receive high-quality 24-hour service and professional consultations in real time, without having to go to the specific branch, that cuts back costs and reduces wait-time, while keeping banking transactions steady and secure.

TrueConf Kiosk is an open-source software framework that seamlessly integrates into ATMs, infomats and other self-service solutions to enable Full HD video-based interaction with customers. TrueConf Kiosk can be customized to the individual field tasks of the organization to ensure flawless service provision and create a personalized corporate identity. It provides reliable security and data safety that is crucial for the video banking sector where personal information leakage leads to heavy consequences. With TrueConf Kiosk, financial institutions can improve customer care and save time costs with features like document and file sharing, automatic call forwarding to the first available operator if the call agent is busy, etc. “We believe our inclusion in the AMA Video Banking Service Comprehensive Study proves our continued innovation and ability to provide financial institutions worldwide with a secure, feature-rich and customizable solution for remote customer care. TrueConf Kiosk contributes to improving client loyalty, ensuring successful banking transactions and professional timely consultations,” said Dmitry Odintsov, CEO at TrueConf.