TrueConf Improves Team Messaging Security with DLP Systems Integration

True Conf

TrueConf, a leading developer of self-hosted video collaboration solutions, introduces new security features at ISE 2023, a high-profile AV show hosted in Barcelona. TrueConf Server, a 4K video conferencing and team collaboration platform, now supports integration with DLP systems which enables government organizations and businesses to minimize risks of data leakage.

Video conferencing and messaging applications have become the most popular collaboration tools since they help teams raise their productivity. However, this trend also poses threats to information security because employees can intentionally or unintentionally disclose confidential information when using messengers or video conferencing apps. It is critical to develop and adopt tools that can eliminate the risk of negligent data exposure in corporate chats. In response to this issue, the integration between TrueConf Server and DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) systems enables businesses to instantly track and prevent the transfer of sensitive data in TrueConf messaging platform.

TrueConf Server connects to a third-party DLP system over ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol), supported by all major DLP software. System administrators and information security specialists set up filters in the DLP system to detect potential data leaks. All messages in TrueConf messaging platform, including chats of private conferences and public meetings with unauthorized users, are verified by a separate TrueConf Server module according to the filters in the DLP system. The messages that raise suspicion are instantly tracked, edited, or blocked, depending on the rules defined on the DLP-system side.

The integration with DLP solutions is transparent to users and does not affect the performance of TrueConf Server. Such safeguards help to protect both intellectual property and confidential data.