TrueConf Announces Skype for Business Interoperability

TrueConf has announced an integration with Microsoft’s Skype for Business through its latest offering, TrueConf Server v. 4.3.9.

The integration adds interoperability for TrueConf and Skype for Business users, including audio, video and instant messaging functionality. TrueConf and Skype for Business users can easily participate in joint video calls and conferences, as well as invite legacy room endpoints. TrueConf clients can call, invite Skype for Business users to the conference or add them to the address book from their client applications. Skype for Business users can call TrueConf users with the help of simple chatbot commands, for example, “call to start a video call.”

TrueConf has added support for X-H264UC video codec to enable integration with Skype for Business 2015 or Lync 2013 dedicated servers, demonstrating TrueConf’s commitment to provide integrated video conferencing experience for users of different platforms, systems and applications. TrueConf will showcase TrueConf-Microsoft integration during Integrated Systems Europe 2018, one of the world’s largest AV shows.

TrueConf is here.