TrueConf Announces the Release of New Free Video Conferencing Software Room Endpoint

trueconf-0916TrueConf has released TrueConf Terminal 2.0, a new free software room endpoint
designed for meeting and conference rooms. The program is installed on Windows
PCs and controlled through a web browser.

TrueConf Terminal 2.0 is the first free video conferencing software designed for use with
meeting rooms. Users can assemble their own video conferencing terminal on a
Windows-based PC or laptop.

TrueConf Terminal 2.0 users are free to choose any peripheral AV devices. To achieve
perfect sound and video quality, all you need to do is connect your terminal to a
speakerphone, PTZ-camera via USB, and a screen or a TV-panel via HDMI. You can set up
and manage your terminal through any browser. TrueСonf Terminal 2.0 can also run
multipoint conferences for up to 120 participants in Ultra HD resolution.

TrueConf Terminal requires a connection to TrueConf Server or TrueConf Online cloud.
When connected to TrueConf Server, it provides interoperability with existing video
conferencing endpoints by means of H.323/SIP/BFCP protocols, telephony and Active
Directory integration. When connected to TrueConf Online it allows to run free multipoint
conferences over the Internet without considerable investments into infrastructure.

TrueConf Terminal 2.0 is equipped with a built-in API which helps you integrate your
endpoint with any conference room control system and offers the potential to create
specialized solutions for telemedicine, video banking, kiosks and remote consulting services.
The control function is conducted over API using interface created by the customer.

“Video conferencing market is moving towards universal PC-based solutions, which will
gradually crowd out specialized legacy video conferencing systems,” says Dmitrii Odintsov,
TrueConf’s Business Development Director. “There are several major factors: firstly, we can
see strong demand for quality peripheral equipment, which is becoming more affordable.
Secondly, a modern meeting room has to meet a lot of challenges which are already beyond
the reach of traditional video conferencing systems. A conference room can no longer
operate without a PC equipped with a full set of different collaboration applications.”