Tripleplay Announces TripleView Server as Part of Its Caveman 3.0 Software

tripleplay tripleview

Tripleplay announced its TripleView Server monitoring functionality as part of the latest Caveman 3.0 software release. Designed for large clients with multisite rollouts, this feature is another simple innovation that allows Tripleplay clients to stay ahead of the competition.

For clients that have installed the Tripleplay solution in multiple offices and locations around the globe, TripleView allows users to actively monitor the health of one or more Tripleplay servers and the client devices attached to them.

TripleView gives insights into how users are interacting with the system and notifies administrators when an error has occurred so they can respond to it quickly no matter where in the world it may be happening. Many multisite clients have one IT department that operates and manages digital media and TV delivery, so having a central monitoring tool is vital.