Tripleplay Releases Low-Latency Encoder for Streaming Live Events

rentaTripleplay released a new low-latency 3R-LH2 encoder for streaming live events. Tripleplay’s new Encoder ensures the time delay between video input and IPTV stream output is as low as possible, delivering sub-frame latency at 1080p60. When used in combination with the optimized Tripleplay PLAY3R-SP1 player, a glass-to-glass latency as low as 100 ms can be achieved, a 60% improvement compared to Tripleplay’s existing low-latency encoder. Inputs include SDI and HDMI.

Within key verticals, such as sports stadia, to achieve the expected experience for fans, the live TV stream shown on signage screens away from the pitch needs to be fully synchronized with the live action. All fans, whether they are pitch side or in the arena; want to view, hear, and celebrate key match moments at the same time with no discernible time lag, hence the encoder speed is critical.

Low latency encoders also have a key role within enterprises where town hall events or business critical information needs to be streamed to screens with very low latencies to avoid time lags, ensuring all employees receive key information at the same time.

As a stand-alone hardware appliance, the Encoder is fully supported and integrated with the Tripleplay IPTV, signage and video streaming solution.