TrilbyTV Releases Free ‘black Pioneers’ Signage Content in Celebration of Black History Month

blakc pioneersDigital signage software company TrilbyTV has released a fantastic set of free signage content showing Black Pioneers in celebration of Black History Month. Originating in the United States in 1970, the month-long event has now received recognition from nations across the globe.

In recognition of Black History Month, the team at TrilbyTV has created a set of content celebrating pioneering figures from history and are giving this content to the TrilbyTV community and beyond to add to their signage. The individuals featured on the slides are from all over the world, as well as a few British figures.

Five slides including; Martin Luther King Jr, Mary Mahoney, Alexandre Dumas, Bessie Coleman and Elijah McCoy are available for anyone to download here. They can be used on digital signage screens, in presentations or even wall displays.

An additional 35 inspirational individuals can also be added via TrilbyTV’s Content Catalogue which works as if you had added the content yourself. You can add or remove slides, edit times and dates, and add your information to the mix. It’s a couple of taps to get this great content to start playing on your screens.

TrilbyTV Director, Ben Stanley said,

“Learning about our own identity and history is critical in forming our world view and understanding others identities helps us build respect for those around us. We hope with the release of these slides, we help to highlight the global contributions these pioneers made. Contributions that we all continue to benefit from today.”

Each slide appears alongside a brief description of the pioneer’s great achievements. It’s a brilliant tool to encourage pupils to research and subsequently explore more about these key figures in global history, thus inspiring the next generation.