Tributaries Launches Series 4 Interconnects at CEDIA Expo

4AB-0814Tributaries’ new Series 4 interconnect cables will officially launch at CEDIA. Claiming that the cables surpass the performance of its predecessors (Series 3 and 5), Tributaries has made major changes in the construction of the audio cables by changing the coaxial design to a improve twisted pair geometry with solid conductors which yields more accurate signal transfer. Digital and video cables employ a 75-ohm coaxial design with an upgraded solid conductor for a higher level of performance.

In addition to the Series 4 standard cable models of analog RCA audio, subwoofer mono / Y cables, Toslink optical, digital audio and analog video, Tributaries is now offering a lower-cost solution for XLR balanced audio. The Series 4AB is a true balanced audio cable terminated with high quality XLR connectors. Made in Orlando, Florida, the 4AB is available in custom lengths.

Here are the details.