TRIBUTARIES Attempts to Reinvent the Power Cable with Series 8 AC Power Cables

tributaries-cable-0116Tributaries’ new Series 8 Power Cable uses 12AWG and something they are branding as “Linear Crystal Copper (LC-OFC)” to claim a lower crystal count per foot resulting in less signal loss and less distortion.

The Series 8 Power Cables were designed to address 3 main areas of concern with current off-the-shelf power cables: low frequency signals, current carrying capacity and noise reduction.  Recognizing the fact that an AC signal from a wall outlet operates at 60Hz, the Series 8 Power Cables use insulated solid conductors of sufficient size to favor low frequencies.

According to Tributaries, power amps tend to draw current in pulses. Depending on the output of the power amplifier, too small a gauge of the power cable will result in excess resistance that may restrict the peak level of a required pulse which will then limit the transient response of the amplifier. Wire gauges must be sufficient not to starve the amplifier of the required current. The mistake that many power cable designers make is they either use large amounts of stranded conductors to achieve gauge and flexibility or only large gauge conductors. The use of only small gauge stranded conductors will limit the low frequency capabilities of the cable. If only large conductors are used the cable tends to lose dynamics and also will not respond quickly to transients; a combination of conductor sizes is needed.  Series 8 Power Cables are designed with a unique combination of large and medium gauge wires to form an overall 12 AWG design supporting current flow and signal dynamics.

Here are all the tech specs.