Triad Speakers Adds InRoom and OnWall Bronze SlimSubs to Lineup

Triad-3-SlimSubs-1MB-0614Triad Speakers today announced the addition of both an InRoom and OnWall Bronze to its SlimSub line.

Standing upright, the compact InRoom Bronze SlimSub is just 4.3 inches deep, taking up almost no floor space.  When laid down (requiring just 5.1 inches of height clearance), the speaker becomes a down-firing subwoofer that can be hidden under furniture.

Measuring 4.4 inches from the wall and available in custom colors, the OnWall Bronze SlimSub is designed to be used with ultra-flat TVs using soundbars.

Each of the Triad SlimSubs utilizes what Triad claims is a proprietary long-throw 10-inch aluminum driver. The company also claims the speakers produce deep bass at high volumes, achieving a maximum output of 108 dB from 40-80 Hz with a bass extension of -3dB at 28 Hz.

Both Bronze SlimSubs are paired with Triad’s 350-watt outboard amplifier (RackAmp 350 DSP) at a list of $1,500 per package. The new SlimSubs are shipping now. For more information on the InRoom Bronze SlimSub, click here, and for more information on the OnWall Bronze SlimSub, click here.