Transformative Engineering Debuts HDU-1 Small Meeting Space Connectivity

hdu1_tx_front_angle_72NORWOOD, MA (5-24-16) — Transformative Engineering, a leader in the highest quality audio/video/data connectivity solutions, has introduced its HDU-1 Collaborative-Space Extender. Featuring a fully synchronous USB connection, with HDMI, VGA, analog audio, and IR; the HDU-1 offers the most complete and affordable solution to the growing market for remote conferencing and interactive presentations in conference rooms, classrooms, and huddle-spaces.

The HDU-1’s unique ability to integrate modern USB interactive technologies allows presenters to interact with audiences using video touchscreens, digital white boards, webcams, and video projection displays, and to collaborate on projects around a conference table or across the globe.

The Transformative Engineering HDU-1 Extender system consists of a HDU-1 TX transmitter and HDU-1 RX receiver connected by up to 30 meters of UTP Category cable using an HDBase-T interface.

The HDU-1TX transmitter can be installed: in, on, or under a conference table, or directly into a wall. The transmitter provides plug-and-play video and computer connections for HDMI, VGA, USB, IR, and analog audio. The compact HDU-1RX, with its corresponding HDMI, USB, IR, and audio connections, is mounted at the HD video display, white board, or interactive TV. The system uses a single power supply that can be connected to either the transmitter or receiver.

“Previously, commercial integrators had to combine the functions of several different systems to approach the integrated capabilities of the HDU-1 and just one Category cable,” said Jon Ralston, Director of Sales for Transformative Engineering. “The HDU-1 closes the Interactive loop for classrooms, conference rooms, and huddle spaces with the addition of a fully synchronous USB 2.0 connection. It can power a USB webcam at the TV and deliver HD video to the connected computer for instant, affordable, video conferencing.

“The HDU-1 connects an interactive TV or Smart-Board directly to a teacher’s or presenter’s computer. It works with interactive projectors, touchscreens, and allows users to capture and save modified ‘white-board’ documents. The HDU-1 offers quality, utility, value, and competitive advantage to the professional installer that is representative of all Transformative Engineering products.”

Transformative Engineering uses HDBase-T to enable video resolutions up to 1080p and computer resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 – all uncompressed.  The VGA Input is converted to HDMI with computer-selected resolution.

The HDU-1 automatically prioritizes the HDMI and VGA sources, or they can be selected manually. A microphone can be used to inject analog audio into the HDMI transmission or dedicated audio outputs at the receiving end.  IR control signals are automatically transmitted in either direction for convenient operation of connected devices.

The Transformative Engineering HDU-1 Collaborative Space Extender is now available for an MSRP of $729.

For more information, visit or call 781-769-6410.

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