Trailblazer Zone: Introducing Clear Motion Glass at InfoComm 2024

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This year, InfoComm 2024 will shine a spotlight on first-time exhibitors by adding them to a special section on the show floor, the “Trailblazers Zone.” This section of the trade show features new exhibitors who have undergone a thorough vetting process. According to the InfoComm site, these exhibitors demonstrate innovation, offer unique or compelling value propositions and address the business challenges and objectives that attendees are looking to solve. In this series, we’ve interviewed several exhibitors in the Trailblazers Zone that we think you should check out.

Introducing Clear Motion Glass

What will you be featuring on the show floor?

“We will be featuring our transparent LED glass as well as Switchable Glass on the floor.”

Why are you exhibiting at InfoComm this year?

“The AV world is new to us at CMG. Traditionally, we have approached architects to get our product specified in new buildings. We first displayed our technology to the AV world at the DSE Expo last December and experienced an overwhelming response from attendees, as well as won the Best New Digital Signage Award. Following the DSE Expo, we were invited to attend InfoComm in the Trailblazers section of the exhibit hall and could not be more excited to find our home in the AV industry.”


What trends are you expecting to see at the show?

“LED technology continues to advance, leading to the proliferation of large-scale video walls for use in various applications such as advertising, events and digital signage. Overall, LED displays have revolutionized the visual industry by providing high-quality visuals, energy efficiency, durability and versatility for a wide range of applications. Their impact can be seen in various sectors, from advertising and entertainment to education and public spaces.”

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How do you differentiate yourself from other exhibitors in the industry?

“Clear Motion Glass is the only transparent LED technology, laminated within safety rated glass. The visual video content can be seen clearly while still being transparent enough to see through.”

Do you have any tips for visitors to your booth to make the most of their interaction? For example, any questions to ask or features to explore?

“Ask about all the customization options for viewing. We can make the panels in any size and also daisy chain the panels to make larger viewing areas.”

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