Touring the Floor at InfoComm 2015 — The Interviews

I have been attending InfoComm since back in Dallas in ’95 where I “discovered” the AV industry (and first saw the famous projection shootout), however at InfoComm 2015 I did something I haven’t had the opportunity to do yet at any InfoComm, and that was to tour the floor with a rAVe mic in hand.

Fellow rAVe BlogSquad-er Johnny Mota and I started talking the week before the show about going out on the show floor and doing some interviews. Nothing planned out really, just grab a mic and go. We each ended up doing a few audio interviews as Johnny and I took turns at booths on the first day of the show, and I decided to go after some unique perspectives.

Here are a few of the audio interviews I conducted:

– Wienand Mensendiek, Manager Portfolio & Channel Development – Integrated Systems Division at Sennheiser, talking about their MobileConnect technology. Also see: Sennheiser goes mobile!

– Shayne Thomas, global marketing at Peavey Commercial Audio, talking about FDC-M. Also see: MediaMatrix® Introduces F-DCM™, Industry’s First Dual Protocol I/O Device.

Peavey interview 2

My interview with Shayne Thomas

– I also talked with AV/IT workforce solutions recruiting and staffing company TierPM who took part in the Career Fair at InfoComm. You can see more about TierPM here.

(Note: Kurt Metzler, U. S. Sales Director at Powersoft, and I talked about DEVA , a wireless/solar powered loudspeaker, however parts of the interview unfortunately turned out to be inaudible. Please see DEVA The revolutionary unit for automated audio messaging and video for information on this product).

On the last day of the show came more interview opportunities, however this time rAVe assigned a camera-person to us, and Johnny and I went out to shoot a few video interviews this time. Again, I like to take it from a more unique interview perspective including what I had termed “going beyond the box” as well as of course – being disruptive.

Here are some of the video interviews I conducted:

Dustin Plum, Product Manager at Alto Professional talks about their Trouper compact high-performance PA system and more. 

A correction – in the video I said Dustin was with Denon Pro, he is with Alto Professional (both are under InMusic Brands).

TJ Adams, Install DSP Product Manager at QSC Systems talks about re-thinking from an IT and software-based networked audio solution perspective as well as how it’s “not about the box.”

Jan Sandri, President at FSR Inc. discusses how FSR impacts the market from an infrastructure perspective.

Neil Wittering, Product Marketing Director at Barco expands on discussion of ClickShare collaboration as well the impact of laser phosphor projection. 

I would like to thank all of my participants for being a part of these insightful interviews, as well as rAVe for putting the mic in my hand at InfoComm this year. Looking forward to hopefully doing it again next year.

Here’s a little bonus – one of Johnny Mota’s video interviews: InfoComm 2015: Johnny Mota Speaks With Leon Speakers’ Noah Kaplan About Their Custom Audio Solution