Touchtech and Zytronic Offerings Provide Framework for Next Generation Touchscreen Products

ZY390-Touchtech-Lima_LRES1013Zytronic’s multi-touch MPCT touch sensing solution is now fully compatible with Touchtech Lima, an interactive software solution. Working with both the Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, Touchtech Lima allows a group of users to simultaneously interact with a variety of multimedia content through a single, multi-touch-enabled display. Capable of working with full HD 1920×1080 pixel displays, it can be applied to wall-mounted units or touch tables. Lima gives users a high degree of content customization, so that specific application requirements can be fully met. It has already been incorporated into touch interactive systems deployed in a number of high profile locations, including hotel lobbies, conference facilities and company boardrooms. It is also very well suited to use in university lecture halls, trade shows, exhibition spaces, workshops and retail outlets, as well as design engineer/architect meeting rooms — where blueprints are being viewed and discussed.

The company says the high degree of robustness exhibited by Zytronic’s touch sensors means that unlike conventional front-facing sensor technologies, they are proven for use in even the most physically demanding of operational environments, including unattended, outdoor deployments. Able to detect touch events through thick layers of protective glass, they are effectively invulnerable to impacts, scratches, liquid spillages, exposure to extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, etc. This ensures system longevity, with the likelihood of costly maintenance work thus being markedly reduced. Other displays, due to their utilization of some form of optoelectronics) often require unsightly bezels in which to house the sensing devices, while MPCT negates the need for a bezel. Zytronic’s palm rejection technology is another major advantage, eliminating the effects of false touches, when users accidentally activate the touch sensor through bringing parts of their bodies or other items into contact with the front glass.

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