Toshiba Showcases Ellumina at Digital Signage Expo

TOSHIBA-Demonstrates-Its-First-1TB-Hybrid-HDD-2LAS VEGAS, Nev. (March 9, 2015)—On March 10th – 13th, during Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth 2223, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. showcases its Ellumina™ digital signage line at the world’s largest trade show of digital display and interactive technologies. Throughout the event, the digital experience innovator will provide attendees with a definitive glance at the diverse array of applications Ellumina’s Virtuoso™ and Experience Manager™ platforms and unique Touch & Get™ kiosk fulfill for a variety of vertical markets including retail, healthcare and sports and entertainment.

Also on display at DSE 2015 is Toshiba’s Virtual Dressing Room. This one-of-a-kind offering helps remove any of the guesswork involved in the clothes-buying process. Through its gesture-controlled interface, shoppers are capable of seeing how a particular garment may fit and appear – without having to physically try on the item – by glancing at a virtual mirror.

Toshiba’s Touch & Get kiosk is an intuitive, self-service kiosk capable of transferring significant amounts of data wirelessly. By incorporating super fast TransferJet™ technology, Touch & Get is capable of transferring a 2 GB high-definition movie in two minutes. The interactive kiosk on display at DSE is designed for sports and entertainment venues and shows how fans can access such exclusive video content as team highlights, cheerleader tryouts and top hockey square-offs.

A completely customizable digital signage platform, Toshiba’s Experience Manager enables organizations to manage networked interactive media experiences. By incorporating both live and pre-programmed content in an engaging manner, it delivers targeted content by time, location, and demographic making it ideal for virtually any retail environment.

Experience Manager’s cloud solution further allows for sophisticated planning, distribution and seamless management of digital content across an entire network of displays. Since it is capable of implementing live data, Experience Manager enables companies to quickly change or update information at a moment’s notice depending on the weather, available stock or any other real-time factor. Experience Manager is particularly suited for implementation wherever people congregate such as malls, airports, sports and entertainment venues, grocery stores and other retail outlets.

Virtuoso, Toshiba’s other Ellumina platform on display at DSE 2015; couples touch screen technology and interactive software capability. Tailored to heighten the consumer experience, Virtuoso presents information in a compelling manner to more effectively promote products and services. Ideally suited for an audience of one or a few, Virtuoso brings new life to content and deepens user engagement by providing access to information in an intuitive format allowing them to explore and expand content, watch videos and more. Toshiba’s digital signage platform also serves as an appealing self-service touch screen portal to learn about various product and service offerings.

“We look forward to displaying Ellumina at one of the definitive events in digital signage,” said Toshiba America Business Solutions Chief Marketing Executive, Bill Melo. “By receiving a glimpse of our offerings, attendees across myriad verticals seeking to bolster their sales and marketing efforts through digital signage will learn how this objective is now easily within their reach.”