Toshiba Demos Projector Lineup

During InfoComm, Toshiba showed its latest lineup of projectors, including ultra-small Pico portables, extreme short projection technology, projectors with WXGA resolution, and projectors that are Windows Vista certified for wireless.

The ultra-small Pico portable projectors allow presenters to go “PC-free” using USB. These small footprint projectors are being marketed for both presentation and home environments.

Toshiba’s “extreme short projection” technologies allow their projectors to project a 100-inch image from just over 4 feet away. They also use a special lens to allow them to be positioned at various table heights such as a desk, conference room table or a coffee table.

Also, projectors with WXGA native resolution offer the widescreen format for getting more data on the screen and, in a nice move, also offers users the option to view two documents at once for side-by-side comparison or for enjoying the latest DVD movies.

Finally, the Windows Vista ready and certified projectors allow seamless connectivity with notebooks installed with Microsoft’s latest operating system.