Torus Power to Show AVR2 Automatic Voltage Regulating Toroidal Isolation Transformers at ISE

toruspower-avr2-0116Torus Power will showcase its Automatic Voltage Regulation series models for international audiences at Integrated Systems Europe 2016. Torus Power’s toroidal isolation transformers are used in high-performance residential, commercial, and professional applications and significantly improve the quality and performance of electronic systems installations large and small. Providing a proprietary and highly compelling offering with a collective feature set available only in the Torus Power lineup, Integrators touring ISE should take time to view the Torus Power products on display in the AV EMEA stand, #5-R128.

The benefits of using isolation transformers are both tangible and significant. Components connected to Torus Power isolation transformers are protected from damaging electrical events and are fed a consistent supply of isolated, clean, and robust power, which enables optimal performance. Completely customizable, Torus Power products are available with International outlets for use in Continental Europe, UK, Asia, and Australia and can also be configured with North American outlets. The lineup meets both IEC and Neutrik standards, and shelf, rack and wall mount configurations are available throughout the line for added versatility. Most models can be custom specified to perfectly suit nearly any application.

Utilizing Plitron’s toroidal isolation transformers to provide high instantaneous power and protect connected equipment from electrical fluctuations and surges, Torus Power’s AVR2 series is designed for large-scale custom installations such as professional studios, critical listening environments, home theatres, and other high performance applications. The AVR2 series boasts isolation from the main electrical grid, Series Mode surge suppression, and features enhanced Ethernet (IP) control and monitoring functionality in addition to automatic voltage regulation and remote reboots, automated scheduling options, and individually addressable outlet zones (up to 5 individual zones in 15 Amp and 20 Amp models, and up to 8 individual zones in 60 and 100 Amp models). Wall mounted versions allow for greater flexibility in projects with dedicated wiring.

Here are the specs.