Torus Power to Exhibit RM, AVR, TOT AVR, PowerBlock Series at ISE 2020

powerblock seriesTorus Power will exhibit its RM, AVR, TOT AVR, PowerBlock Series and the new AVR ELITE at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe, Feb. 11-14, at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam. There, in stand 1-Q115, the company will showcase the benefits of using isolation transformers for AV applications of all shapes and sizes, from small media rooms to recording studios to large commercial AV installations, anywhere in the world. Rack, shelf and wall mount units will be shown — the wall mount AVR2 model will be positioned along the aisle as part of a social media awareness campaign to promote the virtues of toroidal power isolation (#HighResPower).

Isolation Transformers — not to be confused with power conditioners or surge protectors — decouple and isolate electronic components from the power source to eliminate transients and improve audio quality by dramatically lowering the noise floor while adding better dynamics, imaging and bass. Video is noticeably crisper with brighter colors, deeper blacks, better contrast and a more captivating overall image. Connected components are additionally protected from surges, spikes and brownouts, ensuring systems continue to perform as intended despite harmful power conditions.

Torus Power’s new AVR ELITE is the ultimate power control system for high-performance audio-video systems. The AVR ELITE isolates connected equipment from the electrical grid ensuring clean power delivery to sensitive electronic components. High Current capability provides performance improvements that can be seen and heard in all AV systems. Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulation protects against voltage fluctuations and Series Mode Surge Suppression protects expensive equipment from power line damage.

The AVR ELITE features a powerful 32-bit processor and the all-new TorusConnect power control system. TorusConnect is a cloud-based system for control, programming, data logging and reporting that allows installers to monitor and respond to user issues remotely, and to control and reboot power zones. The TorusConnect WebApp works with all mobile devices and tablets and features an Installer Dashboard for power control of single or multiple installations. Wi-Fi connectivity makes firmware updates and feature enhancements easy to install. TorusConnect includes live polling and on-demand reports of power-quality data, data logging and historical data reporting, graphical display of power parameters and a monthly report of power events to TorusConnect users.

Torus Power will display its AVR2 models, which feature enhanced Ethernet control and monitoring and Automatic Voltage Regulation technology that protects equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts and other events caused by a variable grid. It also delivers a stable source of power regardless of outside line conditions for the very best AV performance. Connected equipment is kept within the optimal operating range of 220V-240V. The AVR2 will be shown in a standard chassis design as well as a Wall Mount (WM) unit that’s ideal for industrial, commercial AV, recording studios, luxury residential applications or any commercial AV installation where rack space is limited.

Torus Power’s award-winning TOT AVR packs all the features of the bestselling AVR series into a 2U chassis. Robust and powerful, the TOT AVR is rated at 4 amps and available at an affordable price for budget-conscious installations. Like the AVR2, the TOT AVR also features Torus Power’s proprietary Automatic Voltage Regulation technology.

The compact POWERBLOCK (PB) Series is Torus Power’s midrange line of isolation transformers that delivers clean, uninterrupted power to smaller AV systems or single components. The new POWERBLOCK PB 4 isolates outlet pairs to separate source components from power components for a clearer signal, resulting in an exceptional audio-video experience. In projects where it’s only necessary to protect a few components, the PB 2 offers four total outlets that will improve the audio and video quality for source equipment or smaller systems.

Great for luxury home theater and residential systems such as high-end audio systems, the original Torus Power models in the RM series remain unparalleled for performance, protection, and value, with models from 4 amps to 45 amps. Popular models in the RM series are the RM-8 and RM-16 models, which are ideal for mid-size and larger high-performance systems. Larger 30 Amp and 45 Amp models are available to provide clean, protected power for even the largest systems.