Toronto Transit Commission

The ONESTOP Media Group (OMG) is the digital signage network operator for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), which manages all the public transport in Toronto. TTC’s three main arms are buses, trams and subways.

The Challenge?

To install a multimedia distribution system that will deliver real-time information via 1,500 screens to be located throughout the subway system. The up to the minute information is to include subway updates, safety alerts, news, sports, weather, entertainment and advertising. This content will be displayed to over one million passengers a week.

How’d They Do It?

Using the Minicom AVDS system (a Cat5-based AV distribution network of transmitters and receivers), they manage the content (the advertising, news, weather and transit schedule) at the head-end and send it via Cat5 to each display — addressing each one via an analog type system. In this case, this is a hardware-based solution where the software is centralized and management of the system is centralized – creative design and the Transit System itself maintains management of the system content.

To read the entire case study, go to here [PDF]

Next month, we’ll feature a different approach to digital signage in a software-based solution via the network where you can control each display independently and change content on-demand from a de-centralized system. Both approaches work and both approaches make it easy for ProAV integrators to get into the DS market.