Top Tech Gifts for 2022

LAVNCH CODE Top Tech Gifts for 2022They say it’s better to give than to receive—and I agree! There is nothing that makes my heart happier than handing someone the perfect present and watching the joy rush over their face as they open it.

Of course I had to ask the community to give their input on the top tech gifts for 2022—and who better to make a tech gift guide than those who live and breathe tech every day of their lives?

Levoit Smart HumidifierBut first, let me start with my favorite tech pick, the Levoit Classic 200S Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. Winters in the Chicago area are dry and I am constantly searching for ways to add humidity to the air: enter the smart humidifier. I might be a little dramatic by saying it’s been life-changing, but it has been a fantastic addition to my life. I can control it from my phone and even set it to auto-run when humidity drops below a certain level. IMHO, this is the must-have tech gift for anything living in a dry climate!

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