Top Five Unique Entertainment Innovations in Airport Technology

Airports around the world are continually advancing their technology to better suit their passengers’ needs and improve their overall experience in the terminals. The days of being stressed out and lost in the airport have been eased with digital signage and AV options.

Further, the passenger experience has been completely remodeled to focus on self-service, as can be seen with kiosks around airports helping passengers print boarding passes and check luggage.

With the summer the perfect time for travel, we’ve taken a look at airports around the world to share the top 5 unique entertainment innovations in airport technology that we’ve seen lately.

1 – LED Displays at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal 

Redesigned to focus on bringing back “the romance and magic of travel,” LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal has transformed from a place of passing, to a destination in itself. With a $737 million renovation, the terminal has become one of the largest multimedia entertainment systems of any airport in the U.S.

Built around the Great Hall’s elevator tower is the 72-foot-tall, four sided, LED paneled Time Tower. The Time Tower’s bottom section is interactive and reacts to the movements of passengers, triggering real-time visual effects. The top of the tower includes a functional clock image, composed of high-resolution LEDs.

LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal

Source and photo credit to Screen Media Daily

The terminal also holds a variety of other displays that greet passengers with interactive visuals and themes as they head off on their journeys.

2 – Pour My Beer Solution at O’Hare Airport

Before and after a long and grueling trip, some passengers like to wind down with a refreshing beer or wine. O’Hare’s Airport in Chicago has implemented a new technology that allows customers to use a self-serving beer and wine dispenser through touch screen kiosks. We’ll cheers to that! (Source: CNBC)

Pour My Beer Solution at O’Hare Airport

Photo credit to CNN

3 – EntertainMe Kiosks at Heathrow Airport

London’s Heathrow Airport now allows passengers the opportunity to download movies, magazines, newspapers, and destination video guides to their iPhones or iPads using newly installed EntertainMe kiosks. These downloads will allow users to watch content during their trip without having to access Wi-Fi or data services.

EntertainMe Kiosks at Heathrow Airport

Source and photo credit to Future Travel Experience

4 – IMAX Movie Theater at Hong Kong International Airport

Opened in February 2007, Hong Kong International Airport created a 358-seat IMAX movie theater. The enormous screen measures 64 feet by 44 feet, and shows 3D and 4D special effects films. #AVtweeps, that’s a lot of screen! (Source: Cinema Treasures)

Hong Kong International Airport

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5 – Cannabis Kiosks in Jamaica Airport

Over the past few months, cannabis kiosks have been emerging along the West Coast as marijuana was recently legalized for recreational use, and earlier this month it was announced that Jamaica is seeking to add installations to its airport terminals. Tourists would be able to register to use marijuana at the kiosks, pick up a few ounces of weed, and then carry on with their trips. Definitely an interesting use of self-serve kiosks. (Source: Daily Mail)

Cannabis Kiosks in Jamaica Airport

Photo credit to HOT 97.1 SVG

Happy travels on behalf of Peerless-AV!

We’d love to hear any cool digital signage or unique applications you’ve seen in your ventures through the airport. Let us know!