Top Five AV Installs in Higher Education

University of Iowa 2Audio visual technologies offer endless possibilities by transforming the way students learn and interact.  This is the main reason why we continue to read about more and more universities installing AV technologies in their facilities and all throughout campus.  The design standards of campus buildings have absolutely evolved since I was in college, and it makes me very excited for future generations to be able to have such high level technology at their fingertips.

I highly enjoy reading my favorite AV news publications every day, and each day I come across an article about a new school installing top notch technology.  There are certainly more than five colleges with inspiring AV installs, but since this is a blog I decided to go with my top five.  Read on to find out which AV installs made my list:

1. University of California, Riverside: Giant Video Wall Install

The University of California, Riverside Student Recreation Center installed an enormous video wall that now serves more than 21,000 students on a daily basis. The 80,000 square foot facility had everything it needed, from a rock wall to health classes to casual sports games to personal training, but it needed one more thing – A way to easily display school events, share news, and stream sports games all in a visually appealing, high-tech format that was in line with the design of the brand-new state-of-the-art center.  The end result was the installation of an impressively large 7×7 28.5-foot video wall, consisting of 49 Barco 55’’ LCD displays seamlessly aligned and hung using Peerless-AV DS-VW755S Full Service Thin Video Wall Mount with Quick Release. Check out the UC Riverside case study to learn more about this top install!

2. University of Leed: Lecture Capture Solution

University of LeedThe University of Leed installed the largest lecture capture solution in all of Europe to meet their multimedia needs. Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite recorders were installed throughout 250 rooms considered to be the universities central teaching spaces (lecture halls, tutorial rooms, etc.).  According to Neil Morris, the Director of Digital Learning at the university, there are a range of AV configurations; ten rooms have tracking cameras, around 40 rooms have a fixed camera, and the rest have audio and slide or screen capture and projected content capture.  This installation is a vast step forward for education, allowing for various opportunities for students to learn and professors to teach.  Read more in the HigherEd Tech Decisions article here.

3. The University of Iowa Main Library: Total Tech Revamp of the Learning Commons

University of IowaThe University of Iowa’s Main Library underwent a major transformation, creating a complete high-tech Learning Commons for students. The 37,000 square foot area is now equipped with 18 group study spaces with large screens inside to more easily work on group projects and small screens outside displaying the rooms availability, 100 desktop and laptop computers for students, and multiple displays placed throughout showcasing campus news.  Another stimulating addition to the library is the 45-seat classroom, known as the TILE (Transform, Interact, Learn, and Engage) room.  The TILE room is equipped with projectors and high definition screens placed throughout the entire room for ease of sharing information.  Each table is equipped with AV technologies – from microphones to HDMI cables that automatically connect to the screens to personal charging ports – that allow students to more easily collaborate with their peers.  Students can now study 24-hours in a complete tech-infused study space, allowing for infinite academic opportunities. Visit this link to see what other updates this university has made.

4. California State University, San Bernardino: Wirelessly Charge Mobile Devices Throughout Campus

California State UniversityCalifornia State University will soon offer its students the ability to charge their mobile devices wirelessly throughout campus. Students will be able to charge wirelessly in places like the student union areas, on-campus cafes/restaurants and high-traffic common spaces, facilitating the connection between students and their learning resources.  Students use their smartphones for just about everything, and the university is trying to keep up with the increasing trend by offering wireless charging.  According to Gerard Au, Associate VP of Information Services CSUSB, it’s a great tool to allow for monitoring of the different charging spots to show and understand the usage trends to be able to engage students with university-sponsored information when charging via the Powermat application.  What a remarkable idea, check out the full article here.

5. University of Toledo: Simulation Center for Future Healthcare Professionals

University of ToledoThe University of Toledo’s healthcare education system implemented a solution that is changing the way future healthcare professionals learn. The university calls it the Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center.  This simulation center allows healthcare students to learn in an entirely new way as students get real world experience before practicing on real patients.  This 65,000 square foot simulation center allows for a full hands-on learning experience, with three different levels of education.  There’s much more information on this new learning method, check out the full article to learn more.

Tell us: What are you favorite AV installs in education?