Top 5 Ways Digital Signage Users Integrate Live Feeds

industry-weapon2-10-2015Kelly Eisel
Marketing Copywriter, Industry Weapon

Breaking news, social media feeds, emergency alerts- all of these sources provide a huge contribution to viewership rates. Audiences want visually appealing, stimulating, and relevant content from your signage.

Content can easily become boring and repetitive if it’s not integrated correctly. Even the most dedicated content and communications team is going to have issues updating their digital signage regularly. Thankfully, the latest integration advancements make refreshing content much easier. Instead of creating new visuals based on your updated blog or spreadsheet, you can rely on digital signage software tools to do it for you.

Content engagement works best when audiences are exposed to a live, simple scroll of information. Feeds, like RSS, communicate bits of easy-to-digest content. This allows visitors to read multiple topics in a short period of time. Data feed integrations work in the same way; displaying bits of information perfect for on-the-go audiences.

Top 5 Ways Digital Signage Users Are Integrating Live Feeds:

  1. Internal News — Companies with a preexisting internal newsfeed enjoy the ease of communication that comes with live feed integrations. Users are able to transmit stories like “Employee Spotlight” and “Executive Messaging” in real time to their digital signage.
  2. Menu Items — Keeping up with the daily, weekly, and monthly changes of a cafeteria menu is almost a full time job, itself. After integrating your digital signage software with live menu feeds, you’ll never have to worry about updating slides again!
  3. Event Calendar — Creating a digital signage campaign for every event on the calendar is a task of the past.  Once the “Company Picnic” or “Internal Audit” begins, it’s entered into the calendar which transmits to the screens.
  4. Sales Communication — Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data can change on a dime. By implementing a live feed, companies are constantly in the know as their digital signage displays up-to-date information like performance metrics and goals.
  5. Spreadsheets and Presentations — Spreadsheets, like Excel documents and PowerPoint files, are the most basic data sources. If communicating data internally is beneficial, companies can have the integrations project the live data to their digital signage.
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This column was reprinted with permission from the Digital Screenmedia Association and originally appeared here.