Top Three Uses of Digital Signage in Churches


By Lillyan Wamaitha
Marketing Manager, Mvix

Digital signage is becoming a popular option for many ministries. These churches understand the benefits of digital signage and how they can use the technology to increase the reach of their message and communicate with their congregation.

Below are three ways churches can use digital signage to:

Support the Community

Digital signage for churches presents a new way to support and engage the community.

Digital screens are first and foremost an outreach medium. They’re engaging visual displays that grab a viewer’s attention far better than static signs or traditional paper flyers. In fact, research collected on the power of digital signage shows that digital displays capture up to 400 percent more views than static displays. This makes them the ideal way to engage with the community:

  • Display information about member-owned small businesses and local non-profit organizations or charities to garner more support for these causes
  • Highlight notable members of the community who deserve recognition for their contributions
  • Thank individual donors to raise awareness of their contributions and encourage giving

The idea here is that digital signage provides churches with new opportunities for community engagement — exactly what a ministry needs.

Improve Communication

Naturally, digital signage is a great way to improve communication between your facility and its members. There are two ways to go about this: Communicating inside the nave (or auditorium) and inside the foyer.

Your facility’s foyer is the ideal location for digital communication. Digital signage allows you to customize your content for every service, complete with church updates, new activities and more information.

With a content-rich digital signage platform, most of the content is ready-made and template-based to reduce the learning curve. In fact, compared to the amount of time and effort needed to design and print paper bulletins, digital signage content takes a lot less time and effort.

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In the auditorium or sanctuary, digital signage encourages the congregation to engage more fully with the service; for example, ministers who provide readings can display the full verse behind them as they discuss the content and lyrics to hymns can be put on display during every musical intercession.

These are simple changes to the service’s flow that help members stay focused and engaged on what’s in front of them.

Modernize Your Facility

One of the strongest selling points of digital signage is its ability to modernize the building and add visual appeal. The modernization of the church service is happening on all fronts: websites, digital sound systems, social media and more. Digital signage is unique in that it brings this online experience onsite.

When on-site digital experiences are enhanced, ministries expand their reach, especially to the younger demographics. Not that younger crowds will choose a ministry specifically because they install digital screens, a house of worship that shows its commitment to forward-thinking practices will have an edge in attracting new generations of young members.

First Baptist Greenville did just that. They installed a network of 11 digital signage displays and within weeks of project completion, they noted increased participation in church and youth events.

Thanks to new technology in digital signage screens, mounts and content management software, it’s easier for churches to incorporate digital signage in non-obtrusive ways that maximize engagement without compromising the beauty or aesthetics of the church.

Overall, digital signage is a cost-effective and simple way to strengthen engagement with your congregation, foster a stronger sense of community and bring your facility in the modern age.

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