Top-10 Tour Feature #8: Williams Sound PPA T45Net – Personal PA FM Base Station Transmitter (Booth 953)

PPA_T45_front-0613Over this week, we’ll be previewing all the rAVe Top-10 Tour Winners. Each product highlighted, will be on rAVe’s 2nd Annual Top-10 Tour at InfoComm. The rAVe Top-10 Tour is NOT a “pay for play” tour or product preview (like MOST AV publications do). These 10 products were selected from over 70 submissions from InfoComm 2013 exhibitors. Of those 70, these are the 10 we thought you NEED to see at the show – and if you’re not able to go to InfoComm, the products featured here will give you a good overview of what you missed:

The Williams Sound PPA T45Net is a personal PA system that’s network controllable, has multiple digital audio input options and integrates an OLED high-res screen for menu navigation. Offering an adjustable RF output and a sleep mode for energy conservation, the PPA T45Net allows the user to simply select between voice, music or hearing assistance in the applications preset menu, and then the transmitter quickly configures itself. With an operating range of up to 1,000 feet, the PPA T45Net is designed for auditoriums, stadiums, theaters or other large venues where superior coverage is required.

Key PPA T45Net features include:

  • A personal (and portable) PA system that offers network control capability via Ethernet for remote operation.
  • Multiple digital audio inputs (AES, SPDIF) provide direct connection to any digital signal sources.
  • OLED high-resolution screen, with simplified menu navigation, offers comprehensive and convenient access to full system functions.
  • DSP audio processing for flexible, powerful control of sound quality.