Top-10 Tour Feature #7: Samsung MagicIWB (Booth 3343)

Samsung-MagicIWB-0613Over this week, we’ll be previewing all the rAVe Top-10 Tour Winners. Each product highlighted, will be on rAVe’s 2nd Annual Top-10 Tour at InfoComm. The rAVe Top-10 Tour is NOT a “pay for play” tour or product preview (like MOST AV publications do). These 10 products were selected from over 70 submissions from InfoComm 2013 exhibitors. Of those 70, these are the 10 we thought you NEED to see at the show – and if you’re not able to go to InfoComm, the products featured here will give you a good overview of what you missed:

Samsung MagicIWB 3.0 is software that enables customers to use multiple devices as one screen for collaboration. Available on Samsung MD and ME Series displays, MagicIWB 3.0 creates a large digital whiteboard solution using individual displays, which multiple people can use to simultaneously collaborate on projects and share ideas. Engineered with efficiency, cost savings and collaboration in mind, MagicIWB 3.0 provides an expansive visual and collaborative experience that is ideal for enterprise (meeting rooms) and education (high school and university) environments, particularly customers in those environments that have a need for a large, collaborative display with dimensions of 100” and above, but have limited budgets or physical space constraints.

Key MagicIWB 3.0 features include:

  • Post-its – The software provides a feature that allows users to generate digital post-it notes on the screen, either for personal reference or for sending to a colleague or student’s screen.
  • MS Office Documents support – The software enables users to opening Microsoft Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint documents and collaborate, make edits or discuss with a groups of colleagues or among students.
  • Wired and wireless network support – Yhe software enables content sharing between physically separated e-boards in a wired or wireless network environment.
  • Email support – Users have the ability to open, view and digitally write on or highlight certain email messages while collaborating in a group setting.
  • Gesture control – The software supports directional gestures (one hand, two fingers), sequential gestures (two hands, one finger) and concurrent gestures (two hands, one finger).
  • Floating menu – An editing menu that can be moved to any location on the screen via touch support.
  • Allows for any configuration, including vertical, horizontal and even diagonal placement on a video wall.