Tightrope Media Systems Releases Cablecast VIO Stream

cablecast tightrope

Tightrope Media Systems has unveiled Cablecast VIO Stream, an automated solution for bringing live event streams and on-demand video to the web, social media and over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Extending the “add once, publish everywhere” efficiency of Tightrope’s Cablecast broadcast automation solution to organizations that don’t have their own television channel, VIO Stream enables local governments, schools, churches and businesses to expand the public’s access to their content with unprecedented ease.

VIO Stream’s brandable, turnkey web pages let users showcase their VOD clips, livestreams, and program schedule in content portals with minimal effort. A comprehensive set of APIs is also available for customers wishing to integrate dynamic schedules, livestreams and VOD playlists into their existing websites. VIO Stream lets producers keep complete control of their viewers’ experience, unlike free video services that insert advertising or may suggest undesirable third-party content after playback.

According to Tightrope, VIO Stream’s multiplatform publishing workflow makes it simple for users to achieve platform ubiquity of their livestreams and VOD library without additional work. As live or file-based content is added or scheduled through VIO Stream’s intuitive interface, the system automatically performs any required transcoding for online and OTT delivery, and updates the live event schedule on their bulletin board and website. VOD collections on all platforms can be automatically populated through rich metadata capabilities and saved search criteria. Users simply add each program or event once; VIO Stream automatically publishes it everywhere and dynamically updates all content portals and apps.

Used in conjunction with Tightrope’s Screenweave LIVE cloud service, VIO Stream can also livestream or record conferencing sessions from tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, seamlessly incorporating such meetings into organizations’ web and OTT destinations while simultaneously sending them to YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

Additional VIO Stream features simplify operations and enhance audience experiences. The system can be managed remotely through VIO Stream’s responsive, mobile-friendly web interface, enabling comprehensive control from anywhere. IP input streams and NDI sources can be brought into VIO Stream directly for live playout or recording, while integrated graphics tools enable sophisticated branding. VIO Stream’s digital bulletin board displays program schedule information and can dynamically integrate external data sources such as weather and social media feeds. VOD chaptering lets viewers skip directly to desired sections of long videos, while documents such as meeting agendas can be embedded alongside the related media.