Tightrope Media Systems to Debut Next-Generation Digital Signage Software at DSE 2017

Tightrope Media Systems will debut the release of its Carousel 7.0 Digital Signage Software. Carousel 7.0 provides richer content creation and content management software to empower a variety of modern digital signage needs,including wayfinding, interactive kiosks, video walls and digital menu boards. This empowerment begins with Carousel 7.0’s unprecedented ease-of-use via its redesigned web interface, which offers an intuitive new user experience that accelerates content creation and management tasks. The web interface employs a series of large buttons on a single page that quickly guides users through the workflow in a few simple clicks. The software’s responsive design also allows users to efficiently access Carousel from tablets and mobile phones as well as desktops, automatically optimizing the interface layout; and limiting available buttons to activities appropriate for that device.

Carousel 7.0’s accelerated workflow guides users step-by-step through creating, scheduling and deploying content, with a context-sensitive help button for new and experienced operators. These intuitive help icons are available throughout the interface, taking users to the appropriate section of a newly added help site based on their position in the workflow.

Users move instantly back and forth between workflow stages without losing content, and can easily switch between editing content and adjusting layout templates throughout the process. Version 7.0’s new high-speed rendering engine lets users preview their results in real time, while streamlined client-server communication ‘under the hood’ further quickens operation. Together, these interface and workflow advances cut content creation time by up to 50 percent for experienced users while enabling a quick learning curve for new operators. Meanwhile, new stock content including pre-designed channels help users effortlessly achieve a modern, fresh look.

Working with dynamic content is similarly simplified. Tailored workflows for various dynamic types – such as clocks or social media feeds – present users with only the specific steps and fields needed to incorporate that particular content, avoiding unnecessary clicks. Carousel 7.0 also provides immediate data feed validation, ensuring that such sources are properly connected and allowing users to preview the results based on real-world data directly in the Carousel interface.

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Carousel 7.0 makes managing large volumes of content lightning fast and highly intuitive. Easy drag-and-drop operations let users quickly group multiple bulletins together, view current and future schedules, and remove stale content no longer in use. Bulk operations allow users to efficiently perform actions on multiple items, while rich tagging, filtering and search features simplify finding and managing their desired content – especially useful for large universities and enterprises working with thousands of bulletins. Carousel 7.0’s new drag-and-drop media manager intelligently tags uploaded files based on their media type, combining with custom tagging and searching to provide similar discoverability for media files.

Systems integrators and Carousel administrators also gain new efficiencies and ease with version 7.0. Increased centralization of player settings streamlines deployment, minimizing the steps that installers must perform and enabling huge time savings for large-scale projects. An enhanced player dashboard simplifies ongoing management, and administrators can now customize the types and frequency of automated alerts and system notifications they wish to receive. Furthermore, a new system health dashboard allows administrators to monitor an entire system through Carousel 7.0’s single user interface.

Further augmenting the Carousel 7.0 release, Tightrope is offering customers an expanded range of Professional and Creative Services to help them quickly leverage the new platform, including custom data integration, custom wayfinding solutions, interactive solution development, branded content design and more.

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