Tightrope Media Systems and BrightSign Evolve Partnership

Tightrope Media Systems has broadened its integration with BrightSign. Tightrope and BrightSign first announced an integration partnership for digital signage networks in 2014, citing the technical benefits of merging Tightrope’s content creation and management strengths with the reliability of BrightSign XD media players. The central strategy at the time was to minimize the cost of deploying and scaling larger Tightrope Carousel Digital Signage networks, with BrightSign’s affordability offering a cost benefit for integrators and end users deploying across multiple locations.

The partnership was expanded in 2015 to include BrightSign’s XD2 players, which introduced H.264 video streaming support, faster HTML5 and graphics processing and media player synchronization for video walls, among other features. 
The latest evolution in the partnership extends compatibility to all BrightSign players. This includes all of the new Series 3 players, including the LS423, which provides customers with a robust and reliable commercial grade player at a very affordable price. 

While the compact LS423 player compatibility is attractive for customers with large deployments of common content – including corporate and education campuses – it also offers a low-cost alternative for businesses and organizations feeding content to a video wall or central display via a simple streaming application. As with all BrightSign players, the LS423 allows network operators to remotely maintain, monitor and update players from any networked location. Seamless integration with Tightrope ensures all changes are immediately recognized within the Carousel 7.0 user interface, which offers a centralized dashboard to manage all BrightSign players on the network.

Tightrope is here and BrightSign is here.