Tiger Party Launches GOTIGER Cloud-Based Platform

DSCombining the power of programmatic advertising with interactive experiences, including face and motion detection, AR, and livestreaming, GOTIGER is a new signage management platform that is claiming to simplify the buying, selling, and management of Digital Out-Of-Home media for media owners and advertisers.

Launching today, GOTIGER is a cloud-based platform developed by Tiger Party, a global firm which manages Times Square’s biggest interactive billboards and specializes in creating large-scale, interactive DOOH campaigns for leading brands including ABC, Disney, Pepsi, Bank of America and Infiniti.

With forecasters predicting DOOH ad spending will increase significantly over the next few years, GOTIGER provides a tool for media owners to increase their revenues while providing brands with an easy way to ensure they are getting the best ROI on campaigns. DOOH ad spending is expected to slowly recover as the economy begins to return to normal in 2021. By 2023, however, the sector is expected to increase from $2.72 billion in 2020 to $3.84 billion according to eMarketer’s US Digital Out-of-Home Ad Spending 2020 report.

With GOTIGER, advertisers simply enter their estimated campaign budget, duration and target audience and GOTIGER then automatically recommends two easy-to-understand packages that best meet their needs: one with more prominent, intense placement for a shorter time and another with less prominent placement for a longer time. Prices are based on a sliding scale, with the market deciding the price. When demand is high for a specific time, season, or screen, the price rises and when demand is low and more screens are available, the price decreases. It is designed to be easy to use by non-technical staff for scheduling and managing media on any screen, with any device, from anywhere. GOTIGER also provides 24/7 customer support. Once campaigns begin, GOTIGER provides regular updated playback reports, so that brands can easily monitor and adjust campaigns to meet or surpass campaign goals.

GOTIGER connects brands with signage at high-traffic crossroads, public spaces, commercial buildings, corporate HQs, shopping malls, global expos, and anywhere else with large-scale, high-visibility screens.

GOTIGER is compatible with all operating systems, including Mac OS, Linux and Windows. It supports almost all creative file formats and programs — from traditional videos and static images to face and motion detection, interactive visual content, AR and VR, social media engagement, and livestreaming. GOTIGER is the only platform that supports 4K ProRes 422/4444 lossless quality @60fps, as well as 3D warping that fits screens in all sizes and shapes. Advertisers can also choose to work with Tiger Party creative and technical consultants to develop the most dynamic, interactive and immersive campaign possible.

For media owners, GOTIGER supports faster deal closing by eliminating the hassle of client negotiation, saving significant time and effort. Its smart recommendation technology is designed to drive additional revenue with unsold inventory and its simple interface makes it easy to manage all screens and media assets from any device.

GOTIGER builds on Tiger Party’s interactive DOOH solutions, including activating over 20 interactive campaigns each year in Times Square. Tiger Party has also earned acclaim for managing the Times Square’s New Year’s Eve countdown clock for the past 11 years. On New Year’s Eve 2021, Tiger Party supported the first-ever Livestream interview via a billboard when President-elect Joe Biden and Jill Biden were interviewed live by Ryan Secrest on the Times Square American Eagle sign. Tiger Party specializes in closing the gap between a brand’s creative advertising campaigns and its audience by providing more flexible, customized and interactive advertising opportunities, while leveraging data analytics to help brands better engage potential customers and develops innovative tools to optimize marketing strategies.