THX Ltd Debuts Portable Consumer DAC/Amplifier Solution

thxTHX Ltd debuted its first consumer electronics device, THX Onyx. THX Onyx offers higher performance than traditional DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) amplifiers by including THX AAA amplifier technology onboard. THX Onyx has both THX AAA and ESS Pro DAC chips inside, as well as MQA support, creating a portable DAC/Amplifier for powering wired headphones.

THX Onyx is designed for enhanced music, movies, streaming and games. It connects through the USB output port of any device to improve the audio quality when listening over wired headphones, headsets, earbuds or from desktop speakers. It features design elements including smart magnetic cable management to keep headphone wires tangle-free and an all-metal CNC-machined body.


THX Onyx is the first portable DAC/Amp to feature THX AAA-78, the highest-powered mobile THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA) configuration. With THX AAA-78, THX Onyx has the same power as a desktop THX AAA DAC/Amp, but in a smaller package. This patented technology claims a no-compromise headphone audio experience by delivering the highest fidelity audio with infinitesimally low levels of noise and distortion. THX AAA nulls conventional distortion mechanisms to reduce harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortion by up to 40 dB, resulting in a realistic and fatigue-free listening experience. This technology also enables maximum output power for greater dynamic range and sound pressure level (SPL).

It features an ESS ES9281PRO DAC for flagship studio sound quality. And, THX Onyx boasts cross-platform compatibility for convenient, plug-and-play feeding of any power-hungry headphones to play satisfyingly loud (up to five times more powerful than other portable USB DAC/Amps).

In addition to the ultra low distortion and maximum dynamic range, THX Onyx has on board a Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) renderer to reproduce the sound of master recordings. MQA technology captures and authenticates the original performance from the master recording, then “folds” it into a file small enough to stream. MQA rendering in the THX Onyx adapter can “unfold” MQA music from streaming services like TIDAL, where millions of “Masters” tracks are available worldwide, unlocking the ultimate listening experience.