Today, Apple and Intel in collaboration introduced the first computer with Thunderbolt ports – the new MacBook Pro.

For those who haven’t followed Thunderbolt development, it is a new I/O technology with 10x the maximum speed of USB 2.
Thunderbolt runs on a port developed from DisplayPort, and all existing DisplayPort video systems, switchers and interfaces will work on the port to deliver video – so almost all of the peripherals such as interfaces and switchers would seem to already work. But Thunderbolt can also be daisy chained with inputs such as cameras and high-speed external hard drives, as well as additional videooytput – all on one port, with a throughput of better than 10Gps. Yes, TEN GIG of data PER SECOND.
For more information on Thunderbolt and the new MacBook Pro, see Apple – Thunderbolt: Next-generation high-speed I/O technology.