This Can’t Be True – Are We Really An Industry of Whiners?

A few minutes ago, I read Jason Knott’s “HDMI 1.4 Problems Are a ‘Pandemic” column in the online version of CEPro. In it, Jason eloquently describes the world of HDMI-whiners, even labeling it as pandemic, and leaves you with the feeling that HomeAV integrators hate HDMI.

Is this true? Really?

I find it amazing (and extremely ironic) that the reason they seem to have a disdain for HDMI isn’t due to image quality or standards issues but, in fact, because it isn’t as easy to use in custom installs as it is in Best-Buy-ish installs. Seriously? Is there someone with a clue out there?

In the piece Jason quotes Jeff Boccaccio of DPL Labs, a company that, interestingly enough, is described in the column as “a de facto consulting firm for hundreds of custom installers… [that] …helps mitigate problems in the field [with HDMI installs]. My Boccaccio is quoted as saying, “It’s a pandemic [that’s] getting so bad that some integrators tell me that they are just going to quit and get out of the business. It’s sad for the whole industry.”

Seriously? Are integrators considering quitting the business because HDMI isn’t “easy” enough to integrate? Seriously?

WTF? Do you not realize that the biggest value that integrators bring to the table is their “intellectual property” and expertise in solving problems that the so-called DIY can’t solve? That’s where the big money is!

I read this and thought to myself that I must be misunderstanding the point of the column or the intention of the integrator. But the very next paragraph literally included this quote from Boccaccio: “HDMI problems are rare occurrences in small DIY systems where homeowners are likely plugging in short run cables from a receiver to a TV, but it’s the custom installers who seem to bear the brunt of potential problems because they are doing larger, more complex installations where sometimes they ‘break every rule in the book’ when designing a system.”

Give me a break! Do custom installers really want “standardized” HDMI installs? Do you not realize that now that HDMI is enabled with the ability to carry video, audio, control AND ethernet that an “off-the-shelf” do it yourself type install would put you OUT OF BUSINESS?

The integrators I know LOVE HDMI and its dozens of iterations, its problematic compatibility and complexity for systems design and installs. They’re making more money using intellectual property and expertise to solve these problems and charging for every minute of it!

What’s the difference? How can these integrators charge when the customer doesn’t understand the complexity of the install?

Simple! I’d tell you, but I was sworn to secrecy since that’s their “intellectual property” and I’d have to charge you for that information – like Mr. Boccaccio of DPL Labs does…