Third-Party Control Systems Can Now Control Extron’s NAV Pro AV-over-IP Platform


Extron announced that third-party control systems can now control the NAV Pro AV-over-IP platform. This free NAVigator LinkLicense for Third-Party Control enables a Secure Shell (SSH) interface that permits SIS commands from third-party control systems to make and break NAV streaming connections and various other system functions. The NAVigator System Manager is required and acts as a secure, centralized communication bridge for end-to-end encrypted control of all NAV endpoints. Extron says the third-party control interface facilitates secure switching of NAV encoders and scaling decoders via the NAVigator System Manager as well as the ability to query, configure and control various system status and parameters. Extron Pro Series control systems must be used for applications requiring Secure Platform Devices control on NAV endpoints such as RS-232 and IR control ports.

Utilizing Extron’s patented PURE3 codec, Extron says NAV delivers performance with real-time, lossless video over IP at resolutions up to 4K @ 60 Hz (4:4:4). PURE3’s Intelligent Selective Streaming (ISS) leverages low-motion content to achieve extremely low bitrates while maintaining “visually lossless performance” with “immunity to network errors.” The NAV Series is the only solution that offers full interoperability between 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet encoders and decoders, according to Extron. The NAV Series is purpose-built to support secure, demanding ProAV applications.