Thinking Outside the Box

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In my previous blog post: Social Media Does Anyone Really Know the Answer Yet? I discuss social media and my quest to learn the ins and outs to utilize it effectively. NC Nwoko fromrAVe wrote a follow-up to the article and one thing she wrote really stuck with me:

Communication is subjective. My advice would be to find out where the people you want to communicate with are, and look at how they communicate while you’re at it. With each new social media tool, think of how it might help you communicate with them successfully. You should want to be where YOUR audience is — and when you’re there, make that communication the next best thing to being there in-person. 

I am not sure exactly what social media outlets my clients are using. Are they still trying to figure it all out? I am sure of it!… and just like everyone else they need to learn about it.

Our sister company Advanced Staging Productions had an incredible idea…and of course I do plan on stealing it!  On May 24th from 4-7 pm they are inviting clients to their corporate office to attend a  FREE LinkedIn for Business Development Training.  It is brilliant! This is completely thinking out of the box. Inviting clients in-house and training them on a business tool that you want to communicate to them with. I love it!

I would incorporate the same type of seminar utilizing AV in our facility. It seems like it would be a win/win in so many ways. It is a perfect scenario of combining marketing and sales. Demonstrating our products in a real-time setting, engaging with our clients and asking them directly which social sites they are using, while teaching them to utilize the tools that we want to use to market to them. How can we go wrong?

I plan to attend Advanced Staging’s event but I can’t wait to test this theory myself…a fresh approach to an AV event! Who knows maybe Gary Kayye will teach the class via video conference.