Think BIGGER: Think DSNs

Since 2000, I have developed 15 or so courses and keynotes designed specifically to motivate or move ProAV integrators towards continual profitability. Back in the late 1990‘s, I developed a course that, literally, turned box-houses into systems integrators. In 2000, I started presenting my course on selling and maintaining profitable, proactive service contracts and in the mid-2000’s I was the first AV geek to teach a class on how to re-engineer your dealership to be primarily service-based – rather than focusing on the gear and systems.
My newest course debuted today in the form of Think BIGGER: Think DSNs. DSNs, by the way, are digital signage NETWORKS – you see, there’s a big difference in selling digital signage versus digital signage networks.
Using the network, the digital signage gear you sell can be remotely managed (profitably and reliably), content can be developed and delivered across the world without ever having to leave an office AND, best of all, you can play in the AD revenue (or recurring revenue) game!
This 90-minute course was rolled out at the Washington DC version of ALMO ProAV’s E4 Show today and included a sneak-peak of our latest in a series of 5-minute videos designed to keep the AV industry informed of trends that they should be following.

Although the flow and tempo of the session wasn’t what I hoped, I have since heard from attendees that they didn’t notice. The 150 or so people who saw me deliver it in person seemed happy and, although I’ll keep tweaking it until I deliver it again for the second time at next month’s ALMO E4 in New York City, the content was a hit and they’ll be able to use the information I gave them, TODAY, to get into the digital signage NETWORK market tomorrow!