THIEL Intros the CS1.7 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

THIEL Audio has announced the introduction of the CS1.7 Coherent Source floor-standing loudsCS17_front_website1-0413peaker. The CS1.7 employs THIEL’s phase and time coherent design using precision engineered first order acoustic crossover networks and the latest technology for the woofer and tweeter engineered by THIEL specifically for the CS1.7 project.

The technology employed in the CS1.7 design is all new, leveraging much of the R&D from the company’s flagship model CS3.7. The CS1.7 tweeter, based on the platform used in the CS1.6 has been highly optimized for the CS1.7, featuring a new voice coil, new magnetic circuit and reworked aluminum diaphragm resulting in increased linearity and lower distortion. The aluminum woofer’s “star” diaphragm was conceived using the latest laser measurement technology and also utilizes a new voice coil and magnetic structure that enables the driver to operate as a piston through a much greater range of frequencies.

The cabinet is 1-inch thick and the baffle, with a low turbulence vertical port, is 2-inches thick. Even the magnetically adhered grill has been carefully engineered to prevent any diffraction. The CS1.7 comes equipped with leveling feet and an optional brushed aluminum Outrigger base is also available.

The THIEL CS1.7 is now shipping with an MSRP of $3,999 per pair.

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