The Winter Olympics and 3D – served 5 ways

The 2010 Winter Olympics start tomorrow and that alone may not excite you. Yes, there is drama and competition and achievements of the human spirit. *Yawn* But there’s also lots of 3D tie-ins that are happening with the Games this year.

First is that Panasonic will open its Full 3D HD Theatre where visitors can watch 3D footage of the opening ceremonies and more on two 103” displays.

Not in Vancouver? Have no fear, Google is here with 3D tours of the Olympic venues using a clever mix of Google Earth andSketchUp. You can fly to and through all of the major venues, and visit the site of several alpine events. Want to see the view from the top of Whistler? No problem.

From now until the end of February, you can see a 3D digital signage campaign for the Olympic from CBS Outdoor and N4D in New York City’s Grand Central Station. Yes, you do need glasses to enjoy the 3D. Still, a noble and novel effort.

And if game-playing is more your speed, Nissan Europe has launched an iPhone app called Ski Challenge-Prove It that offers interactive 3D maps of ski resorts. It’s not a direct tie-in to the Olympics, but they are taking advantage of ski fever that always happen around the Winter Games.

A 3D game that does have a direct tie to the Olympics and Vancouver is IC3D, a BlackBerry app that lets you use your phone to assemble puzzles of Ontario’s tourist attractions. As explained here, “Visitors to the Ontario House Pavilion will play the puzzle game featuring 20 of Ontario’s landmark attractions, displayed as ‘icicons’, on 46” Spatial View auto-stereoscopic 3D screens. The pieces of each attraction, or ‘icicon’, appear scattered on a frozen 3D landscape. Up to five players work collaboratively to assemble the ‘icicons’, each using a BlackBerry smartphone. Once complete, a multimedia presentation of the attraction is displayed on each player’s device.”

So no matter how you enjoy it, have fun experiencing the 2010 Winter Olympics!