THE WEEK – Spring 2013

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00398_00237Well, it’s the first of January. For the next two to three months, I will accidentally call it 2012, until the idea of the New Year finally sets in. But, as we will all have to do, I sit here thinking about the year ahead. And one of the things I have great plans for is “THE WEEK” on rAVe Radio.

First, we are opening the year with two consecutive weeks of an interview with Dr. Peter Bocko, Chief Technology Officer at Corning Glass, and this year’s keynote speaker for Digital Signage Expo. Corning is the developer of technologies from fiber optics to Gorilla Glass, and have had a profound influence on the displays market. Dr. Bocko is also the creator behind a series of videos that have been viewed millions of times on YouTube, the “A Day Made of Glass” series. He has a fascinating view of technology and the future, and I think you’ll enjoy these previews of his presentation for DSE.

Then, at the end of January, I’ll be posting from the Integrated Systems Europe expo in Amsterdam, where I will also be speaking at theInfoComm Future Trends Summit on the technologies that will change our market in the next five years. I’m going to try to bring you the highlights of the show, as well as my presentation, for which I’m going to have some great collaborators (more later).
InfoComm Future Trends Summit

Then, in March, I’ll be posting and commenting from the InfoComm Live summit in Dallas, which is a gathering of some of the nation’s top live events professionals that will have an exciting program of looking into the future of staging.

So, needless to say, I’m excited about our plans for “THE WEEK” and the rest of rAVe Radio, where my colleagues are also coming up with great things to bring you in 2013. And if you have ideas of things you’d like to hear about, send me an email at